On March 8th and 9th, Alana & Diego Cabanas of ARCAN Taekwon-Do invited Master Clint Norman, 8th degree to Ottawa Ontario Canada to host a technical seminar focusing on patterns and sparring techniques.  Master Norman teaches out of Regina Saskatchewan, Canada and is currently a Vice President of the ITF and the President of Canada’s NGB the Canadian Taekwon-Do Federation International.

Friday’s session was for color belts only and Master Norman focused on patterns techniques, sparring drills and the correct format for step-sparring.  Special guest attendee for Friday night was Master Pierre Laquerre, also 8th degree black belt from Trois Rivieres Quebec, Canada and current Technical Director for the CTFI.


Saturday was a full day training for black belts and this session covered pattern techniques and fundamentals, sparring and conditioning drills and the format for step-sparring.  Master Norman also added some games and fitness items allowing attendees to have a full student like experience.  The main focus for Saturday was not only the techniques, but to teach them as instructors to your students.  Master Norman explained this in detail from his own ample experiences.  Although it was a full day of training the time flew by very quickly and the attendees left not only with techniques and tools to utilize for themselves, but also many tips and pointers to use as instructors in their own dojangs.  Special guest attendee for Saturday was Master Ruben Suarez 8th degree black belt from Queens New York, USA, President of the USA NGB National Taekwon-Do Association-ITF and also a member of the ITF Umpire Committee.

We finished the day off with a sushi buffet banquet that evening to cap off a great weekend.  In attendance for the seminar and banquet were students and instructors from Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia, Canada and New York, USA.  Thank you to Master Norman for delivering a dynamic and fun filled event, thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Alana & Diego Cabanas

ARCAN Taekwon-Do