Master Lajeunesse Contributes To “Arts Martiaux, sports de combat et interventions psychosociales”

4th person from left, Jacques Hebert, Project Director and 7th person from the left, Master Richard Lajeunesse, Collaborator.

Contribution by Master Richard Lajeunesse included in the collective work “Arts martiaux, sports de combat et interventions psychosociales” .
The 27th of April 2011 marked the official release of the book entitled “Arts martiaux, sports de combat et interventions psychosociales” (French) at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). Under the direction of M. Jacques Hebert, a professor and member of the Faculty of Social Sciences at UQAM, this collective work regroups a multitude of theoretical experiences and reflections pertaining to certain intervention methods which are utilized in martial disciplines to instill the well-being of practitioners. The publication contains a chapter written by Richard Lajeunesse, psychosociologist and ITF master instructor. Applying a perspective of the intersection of oriental and occidental philosophy, this chapter provides analysis of martial culture and is aimed at revealing how the educational and psychosociological tones of the martial arts impact the development of the martial artist’s identity. The studies of Master Lajeunesse rely notably on his experiences and accounts of ITF Taekwon-Do practice in Quebec.

This publication is available in Quebec bookstores, at Presses de l’Universite du Quebec ( and from PUQ distributers in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Africa.