ITF of BC “Stripes on Tour”

On Sunday June 2nd   the ITF of BC hosted a special training session for 4th – 6th Degree instructors at Freedom Taekwon-Do in Prince, George.  The session was attended by instructors from all around BC (Northern, Interior, Lower Mainland).

The inaugural “ITF of BC  Stripes on Tour” session was led by the ITF of BC Technical Committee (Master Kurt Ottesen VII Dan and Mr. Chris Law VI Dan). The training session gave the opportunity for senior instructors to come together and share their experiences and knowledge with each other.   4th – 6th degree patterns were covered in detail by Master Ottesen and Mr. Law. Master Ottesen also took the time to give instructors some tips on how to correct and test the effectiveness of a number of  fundamental exercises.

At the end of the session Mr. Rod Johnson (ITF of BC President) lead an open forum to discuss the future of tournament structure in BC.

We’d like to thank all the instructors in attendance, Master Ottesen for opening up his dojang for the session and the ITF of BC for organizing this event

PG.3 PG.2PG 14th degree PG



Chris Law,  on behalf of the ITF of BC Technical Committee

Master Kurt Ottesen – Chairmain
Mr. Chris Law – Member