Master Saran

Master Sant Singh Saran

Master Saran was born in Punjab India in 1957 and moved to Canada in 1971. Three years later, he began Tae Kwon Do training under Grand Master J.J Lee in Fernie, British Columbia. Master Saran achieved 7th Dan in 2012.

While with Grand Master Lee, Saint Thind, as he was called until 2008, competed in full contact competitions all over the world.  As such, Master Saran achieved many outstanding accomplishments including:

– World Cup Open Championship Gold Place Finish in the Heavy Weight division: 1985, 84, 82 and 80.

– CNE Champion, 1984

– Tae Kwon Do Grand Champion, 1983

– Pan American Champion, 1981

– All American Champion, 1980

Master Saran was a member of the 1981 Canadian team wherein he competed and demonstrated the art of TKD throughout Korea.

These achievements are highlights of Master Saran’s career but are not an exhaustive list of accomplishments by any stretch. Master Saran celebrated many additional victories throughout the years 1979 to 1990, when Master Saran retired from competition.