An Inspirational Black Belt – 77 Years Young

Hiltz Taekwon-Do is proud to announce that Mr. Jack Carter, atimage the age of 77 years, successfully completed his grading of 1st Degree Black Belt on April 11, 2014. Joining Taekwon-Do with his grandson in April, 2007, Jack trained 7 dedicated years to achieve this goal.


Throughout the years he has become a great role model to everyone he has encountered. Jack also competed in several tournaments along the way and defeated men half his age in sparring matches.


Born and raised in Halifax Nova Scotia, he graduated from St. Mary’s University. He played and coached several hockey teams and served for 12 years as an  on-ice imageofficial. He retired from MTT(Bell Aliant) in 1995 after 30 years service, and was past President of the Halifax Jr.Chamber of Commerce and N.S. District President. He also served on the Board of Review of Assigned Risks for N.S. Despite all these incredible achievements and years of involvement in his community, he claims joining Taekwon-Do has been one of the most beneficial and rewarding experiences of all.

Congratulations, Mr. Carter!

Sincerely, Mr. Hiltz, Hiltz Taekwon-Do, and the CTFI